Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And jelly

Yesterday I was scouring the kitchen for a snack and all I could find was unsalted peanuts. So unsatisfying. Peanut butter is very satisfying but did we have that? Nope. I was recently reading about how much food people, but especially Americans throw away each year. The article urged readers to look through their fridge and try to make dinner with the things they have instead of running to the store. I applied these general principles and made peanut butter! I know the peanuts weren't going to go bad anytime soon but why waste the time and gas to go buy peanut butter when it is basically sitting there in your cupboard?

After a quick Google search I found out that all you need are peanuts, salt, honey, peanut oil and a food processor. Throw 15 oz of peanuts in with 1 tsp salt and 1 1/2 tsp honey and blend for about a minute. Then slowly add 1 1/2tsp of peanut oil while you blend until it is smooth. Voila! Peanut butter. I used kosher salt in mine and locally sourced honey from Ames Farms. I also used slightly more of these ingredients because I love them. Kosher salt especially makes everything better.

Toast with homemade peanut butter and homemade strawberry freezer jam that I made last month is the perfect snack! Now comes my favorite part. What else can I put in peanut butter? How can I make it better? What baked goods should I make with homemade peanut butter?

Sadly, these experiments will need to wait for another day. I am out of peanuts.


  1. I LOVE homemade peanut butter! Amazing how easy it is to make, and it tastes so yummy and fresh. Now I want PB&J, can you please bring me one?! :-)

  2. That whole emailing food thing, we need to figure that out. I had no idea about homemad epeanut butter! Now I can't go back.