Monday, August 15, 2011

ABC's of Baking

I recently received the best gift ever. As a going away gift at my previous school a couple of the families got me some great bake ware and these ingenious cook cutters. Nothing makes me happier than baking treats for friends but I don't often have an occasion to. Now anything can be an appropriate occasion.

Example! My husband and a couple friends and I decided to sign up for Columbia Muddy Buddies. I am not a runner, or a biker really, so this has required a lot of training. Especially because the people I signed up with are regular runners. And even more especially because I recently got tortured trying to handle Warrior Dash. Don't get me wrong, Warrior Dash was so much fun that I would have signed up for another race the next day. I even considered driving 6 hours to another city to try again. However, I didn't not have an admirable time and I slowed down my friends who were gracious enough to keep me company while I yelled about how much I hated them (I love you Jen, Zeb and Micah)! All this to say that I suck at running.

That has been slowly changing with the invention of Muddy Buddy bootcamp. Friends and I go running 3-4 times a week with some biking mixed in. What better occasion for cookies! I made us some Muddy Buddy cookies complete with mud icing splashes. Awesome.

Next: Pinewood Derby. I missed out on pinewood derby in my youth because I am a girl. Stupid rules. Girls like racing cars too. I feel incredibly lucky to have met and befriended a creative and talented couple who bring derby back every year as a birthday celebration. Another fantastic occasion for cookies. They disappeared quickly. My car, however, was slower than molasses. Or a dinosaur. Because it was a dinosaur.

I can't think of an inappropriate occasion for cookies. You are only limited by the small area for text, only two lines. I can see the possibilities now: Eat Me Santa! Go Away Rain! It Is Monday!
See! Anything!

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  1. The derby goodies were fantastic! I especially liked my personalized birthday cookie. Thanks!