Friday, August 26, 2011


I love ice cream with a lot of "stuff" in it. The more the merrier. I often get cookie dough ice cream because in my mind cookie dough is better than actual cookies and combining it with ice cream is genius. The last time I was eating it I mentioned to my husband that I was curious if you took the cookie dough pieces out of the ice cream if they would bake up like cookies should. He told me that I must really need to know because I say the same thing every time I eat cookie dough ice cream. I had no idea.

I really did need to know. If they don't actually bake then they have no business calling it cookie dough ice cream because if it won't make cookies it isn't cookie dough! Right? Right!

Today was the day to find out. I bought the ice cream, dug out the dough, washed off the ice cream and set them to bake at 350. I figured that if it failed I could make some back up chocolate chip cookies to cheer me up (since I would no longer be able to purchase one of my favorite ice creams again on principle).

Thankfully it didn't come to that. Can you believe it? They baked! They turned out a little shiny, due to the ice cream coating I think, and the texture is a little off but other than that they are normal chocolate chip cookies.

I set 4 on the baking sheet as is and then combined some to make normal sized cookies. The little ones turned out crunchy but yummy. The bigger ones had more problems. They were crunchy on the outside but doughy on the inside. Still not terrible and still a cookie.

Now we can a sleep all little more peacefully.

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  1. That is an exciting discovery!!! Give me cookies, nom nom!