Friday, August 19, 2011

Over in the garden

Purple Peppers!
Eggplant Flowers
Crazy Cucumbers
We have a garden that is looking beautiful. Some smart friends and I decided that we could get a greater variety of summer produce if we each planted different things and shared. We are so smart. It is going well but the cucumbers are growing out of control. I can't even keep up with just my share. With two cucumbers in the fridge threatening to go bad and eight thousand more on the vine, I decide I had better take action. I made pickles.

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I hate pickles. If you go out to eat with me you will find my pickle on your plate. Actually I don't usually like anything pickled. There are only two circumstances under which I like pickles. One is if they are bread and butter pickles.

Lucky for me Alton Brown had a quick bread and butter refrigerator pickle recipe. I put it all together in the morning and by afternoon they were delicious. Even better the next day on burgers. Now everyone I know will be getting a jar of pickles.

But I don't really want to turn all my cucumbers into pickles (I have thought that word every time I typed it and it is just occurring way too much in this entry. PICKLES, PICKLES, PICKLES). We have done salads and spring rolls with them but what else? What else can I do with all these cucumbers?

***I'm not kidding. I just picked 14 cucumbers. I need help.


  1. "If you go out to eat with me you will find my pickle on your plate." TWSS!!!

    You seem to have the same "problem" as she does:

  2. I currently have the same problem with tomatoes! I need to give you guys some more and we should can some salsa.

    I've made a cucumber/tomato salad before with a little bit of vinegar, water and sugar. Then sprinkle with paprika. It's really simple and tastes so good.