Thursday, August 11, 2011

So this is happening

To be honest I haven't been a huge fan of blogs in the past. I've had two but I don't think I was ever really committed or figured out why I was blogging. I've followed blogs off and on and I have enjoyed reading them but then I just fell out of the habit when I stopped blogging. Now, recently, I've had some major life changes with more coming down the road. I feel like I might actually have interesting things happen to me! Also my friends have all started blogs and I want to copy them. Just kidding. Not really. Sort of.

So back to the life changes. I have been teaching preschool for the past 7 years and most days I love it. The families are amazing and their children are hilarious and inspiring. And I think I am good at teaching. The problem is that a big part of me feels unchallenged in that profession and a little unfulfilled. It seems weird because teaching is challenging and fulfilling for most people. It was for me in the beginning and in many ways still is to this day. Just not in the right ways. I have no idea how to explain it. I just know that for the past few years I have struggled with the question of "what else"? What else can I do? What am I missing? Why do I feel unsatisfied?
Cupcakes made for a play my brother was in
I decided it was time to answer these questions. I did a little soul searching and discover that what I do for fun and for stress relief is bake. I read cookbooks for fun. I buy fancy extracts just for the challenge of figuring out something delicious to create with them. I make elaborate cupcake murals. It fills a creative need in me that I don't get anywhere else. So why not try to delve in a little deeper? I took a leap (a very careful, well thought out leap) and quit my job. I enrolled in culinary school for baking and patisserie. I start next month. I still love teaching though so I got a part time job teaching preschool that fits in well with my culinary schedule.

Pastry sampling in Hanoi, Vietnam
So I figured that documenting this new journey will help me see areas that I have grown and where I need to grow. And I'm hoping you will come with me. I promise to reward you with questionable recipes of my own creation and pictures of food you can't eat, at least until we figure out how to do this whole emailing food thing. What do you say? Deal?

Deep breath, here we go.


  1. I am beyond excited for your…life! Even though I have the privilege of getting your goodies (twss) in person, I would still like to try the email method. And how much do I love this photo of you? Thiiiiiiiisssssssssssss much.

  2. YAY! I've been hoping you'd start a blog and share all your treats!

  3. Bookmarked! Can't wait to follow your blog and your culinary school journey. I admire your bravery to take the leap!

  4. Thanks ladies! We are building a nice little blogging community!