Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Under Pressure

I had an amazing weekend. On Saturday I ran a 5k with my husband at the zoo. It was so cool. The bears were sitting at the glass watching us run and the sheep all ran out of their little house as we went by. The were jumping and butting heads as if to join in the festivities (but more likely because they were freaked out). It was a great run.

On Sunday I ran/biked/walked Muddy Buddies with my closest/longest/bestest friend, her sister (who is also this girl) and my husband. It was an adventure. It was the most dificult thing I have ever done. It was worth it.

Except that yesterday I found out that I probably* have a stress fracture in my heel. Not being able to walk Sunday night was my first clue and hardly making it one block to my car yesterday after work was my second. I scored a walking boot for at least two weeks and I will take up some cross training. 30 days of biking here I come!

Tomorrow I will make myself sympathy cookies. Perhaps from ice cream.

*I say probably because they do not x-ray for such things, but all my symptoms align so the doc was confident that it is a stress fracture


  1. Ouch! You are totally hardcore for running those two races on an injury. So what does this mean for TC 10k?

  2. I am totally irresponsible for running two races on an injury. I just didn't know what it was!

    For the 10k ths means I will not be getting a good time. The doctor thinks I might still be able to participate. I'll know more when I got back in in 10 days.