Sunday, September 11, 2011

Like a Bandit

That is how I made out.

All of my crazy canning lately has been for a purpose, several actually.
1. I have more veggies in the garden than the three families participating in the FSA(friend supported agriculture) have been able to eat. More cucumbers at least. I wanted a way to preserve the overgrow for a later time.
2. I like learning new things.
3. Winter is coming. Won't it be nice to open a jar of farmer's market preserved tomatoes or blueberries in the dead of winter? I'll let you know.
4. I signed up for a food swap event.

The food swap event happened yesterday. My friend and co-conspirator Miriam and I had no idea what to expect and we were very nervous. What if no one wanted our things? I am really not good about putting any products I make out there for the world to see and sample. I am very self-conscious and a perfectionist when it comes to my own product. I will never think it is good enough (this is going to be a huge obstacle if I become a pastry chef). Anyway, all of these fears gave me the sweats, that and the 90 degree weather.

For my first swap I brought carrot daikon pickles, peach lavender jam, carrot habanero hot sauce, mago chili butter, wasabi green beans and petite baguettes. I only brought two or three jars of each item because I had no idea if they would be popular (and I becoming a canned goods hoarder).

Luckily all my items went away with happy people and I returned home with their things. I got candied sesame walnuts, matcha rice krispie bars, cowboy caviar, fresh pasta, giardinara, concord grape jelly, ponzu sauce, leek soup with dill oil, chocolate cake pops, healthy truffles, mock watermelon pickles, ginger plum applesauce, taco seasoning, savory seasoning and a fresh herb bouquet. Miriam and I also traded our opened sample containers so I also got zuccini relish and tomato apple chutney.

The fresh pasta we used right away along with a baguette that I didn't bring to the swap. My husband made a delicious, fresh tomato sauce with the herb bouquet and tomatoes from the farmer's market. The rest of my bounty is being slowly munched on as I type.

I had so much fun at this food swap. I really want to do it again, and again, and again. I have a feeling it will become super popular and hard to get tickets in the near future.

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  1. I love the paper crafting part of it too! The lids and labels make the canned goods even more enviable.