Monday, September 19, 2011

I did it

I canned the farmer's market. All of it.

I also saw the movie Contagion over the weekend. Should a pandemic ever break out we will be well stocked. Or next time we get a blizzard, we will be ok. Or next time I'm hungry, I'll be able to find something. Or when zombies strike, well I'm not sure canned goods will help in that situation.

Have noticed how one project will inevitably lead to another? I had so many canned items that I had to clean out a kitchen cupboard to hold them all. That led to some major reorganization. Then I filled said cupboard with the canned items and I still have about a dozen jars of this and that without a home. That means we need to make additional storage in the basement. That means we need to clean out a basement closet and build shelves. More reorganizing. I will also have to make that space look cute or I won't use it (or less likely). More and more projects. Fall seems to be the right time for such endeavors.

Also, orientation for culinary school is finally happening at the end of the week. I have been talking about going to school for so long that it started to feel like it was just something I talk about, not something I do. Now it is going to happen for real. Emotions. All kinds of them.

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