Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Banana Cake

My cat loves it when I buy more jars.
I haven't done a lot on the baking front lately. I have made a decision. I decided to can the crap out of the farmer's market while I can (hahahaha, can). There is all kinds of fresh goodness available right now and it is going to go away, soon. Today's high is in the 50's I believe. In preparation I went to 2 farmer's markets this weekend and spent a lot of money. I intend to do the same this weekend.

So far I have made canned blueberries in syrup, red wine vinegar red onions and chili okra. Today will bring salsa.

Hoi An, Vietnam
I did manage to bake one item a couple days ago. Banana cake. I got the recipe from Luke Nguyen's cookbook, My Vietnam. I love Asian desserts so much. They aren't too sweet but they just hit the spot in a way nothing else does. I have been eating them all my life (thanks to my awesome Vietnamese second family). Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to travel in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. My only regret of that trip is not eating more dessert in Vietnam. I turned down the ladies with the tasty pastries every time. What was I thinking? I went crazy in Thailand but nothing compares to Vietnamese desserts. I guess I have to go back. As soon as possible.

Anyway, the banana cake was so simple and so delicious. It called for finger bananas, which are plentiful in Asia and a little harder to find here. I did track them down and combined them with a little sugar, lots of eggs, butter and condensed milk and some flour (recipe here). The result is banana cake. Almost like banana pound cake. This deceptive little number doesn't even let on to the amount of naughtiness it contains so we gave half away and should have given away more.

Hopefully I will be canning and baking more but my peg leg is still slowing me down and I made the poor decision yesterday to test my foot to see if it still hurts. Yup. Sure does. I have a really hard time waiting for things to heal. I feel the need to keep testing the waters. Not smart. Today will be a day of rest (after I make the salsa... and maybe try out pickles again).

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