Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Camp Out!

This past weekend we had an awesome camping experience with friends. I am not the best at camping but the experience was seriously improved by the company we were keeping, the air mattress my dad lent me, the great weather and the lack of mosquitoes. And it didn't hurt that this particular group of people happen to be fantastic cooks.

For the first time ever while camping I had ribs, a sampling of the biggest steak I have ever seen, grilled veggies, risotto, oatmeal, bagels and lox, cookies, and bars, all in addition to the regular camp fare of hot dogs, chips, etc. My contribution was pumpkin scones with cinnamon/pumpkin spice icing and cheddar bay biscuits. Yup, like the biscuits from Red Lobster. You can find anything you want on the interwebs. Lucky for me I had leftovers of both that I popped in the freezer and now will enjoy at my leisure. Yesterday I made a breakfast sandwich out of one of the biscuits and today I had a scone with my morning latte.

My only regret of the weekend was not taking pictures. I took none. Fail.

In other news, today I learned to sharpen knives and on Thursday I will have to use them. Did you place your bets yet?

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