Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I really feel like the word flaky should be spelled flakey. I don't know why. I just feels right. My textbook disagrees.

I learned a lot about flakiness last week. We made biscuits and scones. We actually made biscuits twice, once to learn and once as a practical exam. I got an A! I froze some biscuits for Thanksgiving, had scones for breakfast for a couple days and the rest of the biscuits and scones were dispersed among friends. Now they have something to be thankful for this Thursday.

Flakiness is all about the size of the fat. The larger the chunks of fat in a dough, the flakier it will be. I like super flaky things so I left my fat about pea sized. For less flaky you could go down to cornmeal sized.

I am pretty excited about the rest of this week, mostly because it involves a lot of cooking and not a lot of anything else. We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house this year and I am going to make some things that I learned (in theory) how to make in culinary class. In that class we were told how to make all the basic stocks and sauces. We were shown how to make some of those stocks and sauces and how to execute all of the basic 7 cooking techniques. Occasionally we got to try it too but mostly we watched. I feel like I need to try as many of these things as possible before they go out of my brain. A couple days ago I filleted a fish and did a decent job considering I only saw it done once. Lets hope, for my family's sake, that everything for Thanksgiving goes as well. At least I know the biscuits will be good.

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