Friday, November 18, 2011

Earlier this week we made meringues. I love them so much. They are relatively easy to make (if you have a stand mixer with whip attachment) and they are like little clouds of happiness. The unbaked meringue is equally delicious and a brilliant girl in class discovered that dipping the baked meringues in the unbaked meringue fluff gives you the best of both worlds! After bringing home so many cookies last week I immediately got rid of these. After a slow start I have managed to get rid of everything so far. 

These chocolate chip cookies went away too. These were for my practical cookie exam and they look much healthier than my sickly no baking soda cookies. I got an A on these.

Also, let's check in. I had predicted that at some point I would set something on fire, break something and cut myself. I managed to cut myself pretty quickly. I haven't set anything on fire yet but I did burn myself this week enough to get a blister. I have not yet broken anything but I did almost drop a whole tray of scones.

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