Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Best Weekend Ever

I feel like I haven't been home for a week which is pretty much true. This past weekend and the beginning of the week has been just overfilling with awesomeness. Here are the highlights:
Friday - pizza with friends followed by watching youtube videos (one of my favorite past times)
Saturday - seeing the Tune-yards live. They really put on an amazing show.
Sunday - Pudgie Pie party (see more on that below)! We also went to see David Sedaris who is a hilarious and dirty little man.
Monday - We went to see Noah and the Whale. I wan't too familiar with their music but they also put on an entertaining show while dressed in 3 piece suits, as I'm now assuming all English gentlemen do.
Tuesday - checking out our new neighborhood pub with friends.

All of these activities were great fun and made me happy but the pudgie pie party made me especially thrilled because I got to eat things and judge people.

Every year our friend holds a pudgie pie contest for her birthday. A pudgie pie is a sandwich that you make with a special iron and cook over a fire (google it). The iron kind of seals everything in. Each year the entries are judged by the previous year's winners. Most people seem to take it pretty seriously so there is some seriously delicious sandwich action every year. I won last year along with 2 others (my husband included) so I had to try all the pies and after some intense debate we picked three winners.

1. Currywurst - So delicious. That is pretty much the only way I can describe it.

2. Brownie aka Fudgie Pie - It turned out more like a molten chocolate cake. Covered in salted caramel and whipped cream. And made over a camp fire!

3. The F@#& You - This sandwich has as much attitude as the guy who made it. It was full of meat and had the perfect amount of spice. My personal favorite.

We tasted 12 sandwiches in all. What a delicious day.

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