Friday, October 21, 2011

Ah, Friday

It has been a rather stressful week (4 tests!) but this weekend is sure to make up for it.

First, my lovely pseudo-sisters brought me back these little beauties from Paris! Lets pretend I took the photo before I started eating them. They are wonderful and they make me happy and I haven't been sharing them with my husband.

Second, tonight my brother is having a pie party. The only point of the party is to eat pie. I'm in. I made a pecan pie this morning (which I over baked a little, oops)and I have another project in mind for this afternoon. Lets hope I can pull it off in time.

Third, we don't really have any plans this weekend. Lately this is rare. I can't wait to get appropriate amounts of sleep and get some housework done. And make macaroons, lots of adorable little french macaroons.

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