Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Bam! I got an A on my pithivier. I felt like I was screwing everything up during the practical. It never helps that the instructor walks slowly in front of each table, just watching what you are doing and saying nothing. I was pleased that my puff pastry did indeed get puffy, there were no leaks or air pockets and the coloring came out nicely. It pretty much looks just like the last pithivier I made. And now that I am comfortable with puff pastry it is time to move on.

There are 3 types of laminated doughs puff pastry, croissant and danish. We are now on to croissants. They pretty much follow the same process as puff pastry in terms of making it but the dough in much stiffer so it is more difficult to roll out. I love croissants though so hopefully they are worth the pain.

We made cinnamon rolls yesterday, seemingly just for fun. They are fun and easy to making after spending hours and hours on one batch of puff pastry. What? All we have to do is mix it, let it ferment and roll it out? I forgot what that was like.

In other news I will be taking a giant leap this week by doing my first stage. Yikes. I am incredibly nervous. I talked to my chef instructor about it and he assured me that I will be fine. So have all my friends. They are all probably right but I'm still nervous. It is at a bakery I really like so if it doesn't go well and they hate me I will be asking my friends to go in and buy stuff for me since I won't be able to go back. Ever. I maybe should have given a fake name. That is the worst case scenario. Best case, they love me,  I do well and I am helpful, they give me a french macaron.

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