Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year!

I couldn't have really asked for a better year than 2011 was. It was a year of firsts and a year of adventure.

This year we traveled to Asia for three weeks to visit Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. It was my first time traveling in that area. Again, my husband made an awesome blog for it so if you are curious about what it is like to travel in that part of the world I will refer you to him.

This was a the year of weddings. Four of my husband's cousins got married and one of our friends got married twice (sort of). I'm usually not a big fan of weddings but these were each so fun and unique in their own ways. One had brunch for the reception dinner. One had a hot dog cart late in the evening. One had karaoke at the dance plus it was at a beautiful resort up north. One was in a local park. Three had fun photo booths. One was on the beach in Florida and officiated by my husband (another first).

We made our first trip to New York. We traveled to Chicago to see my brother perform in a play that we later got to see him receive his first Ivey award for.

There were also new babies (4 friends and one family member brought some new humans to the world) this year and other new beginnings. My husband and I both left our jobs. He left his for a new opportunity at a different company, I left mine for a part time teaching job that allowed me to start culinary school. We had several friends that also started new jobs and even started new companies this year.

This year I also started running. I completed Warrior Dash, Tiger Tracks 5k and Muddy Buddies. I also obtained my first running injury.

We survived 17 flights and a million concerts. We had way too much fun with our friends doing things like camping, a wig out, pine wood derby, a pie party, a milkshake party, a pudgie pie party, Christmas in July, Bratstravaganza, roller derby, wine party, birthdays, sledding, crafting days, book clubs, bowling, rib club, game nights, etc, etc, etc.

I also made it through the entire year without getting a tattoo.

It was a very brave year.

2012 is going to have a hard time competing.

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