Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Bounty of Bread

I started breads class this week. We will spend the first half of this class focusing on typical breads working towards artisan breads and then the second half will be devoted to enriched breads and pastries. That means croissants and danishes are on the way.

The first day was all lecture but we have been working nonstop since then. And by nonstop I meant sporadically. Turns out, there is a lot of waiting around when you are making bread. This is in stark contrast to our last class when we were in constant motion in an effort to get everything finished. No one is quite sure what to do while waiting for our bread to ferment or proof so we have started playing battleship and hangman. Yesterday I was smart enough to bring a book.

All that waiting around has produced 2 baguettes, one loaf of white pan bread, one loaf of cinnamon pan bread, pizza dough and two baguettes epi style. I froze the white bread, my husband and I ate one baguette almost immediately, the cinnamon bread became french toast for breakfast this morning (with leftovers for tomorrow) and I fed the kids at school one of the epi baguettes. The last baguette will hopefully become banh mi sandwiches tonight and I think we are making pizza during class today. One epi baguette left. Phew! Bread is easier to find a use for than cookies at least.


  1. Look at that beautiful baguette! (TWSS) What is epi? Also, pain au chocolat, s'il vous plaiiiiitttttttttttttt.

  2. All of it looks delicious, but that cinnamon bread....ahhh!