Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moves like...

On Friday in class we made cute little dinner rolls. Our instructor showed several different to prepare them including braids, knots and Mick Jagger lips (not pictured). One of my favorite parts of baking is trying to make things look fancy or adorable. I like making loaves of bread and baguettes but it is so much less satisfying to just dump dough in a pan than to work with it and try to give it a very specific look.

We also made tortillas on Friday and they were delicious. I had no idea that real tortillas contain lard. That is probably why they were so delicious. I made them again at home with shortening and they were good too. So good that of the 24 tortillas I have made I got zero pictures of them. They will be made again!

Earlier in the week we made pizza and pita bread. That was a delicious day! I have made pizza and pita bread many times before but I always enjoy it. These turned out kind of rectangular because we had to form them on half sheet trays. The pizza dough recipe we made was different that my usual and it was so easy to work with. We let it ferment overnight and when I took my dough out of the fridge the next day it was so light and fluffy it could have been a pillow. Or a pizza cloud. Or something else that I can't think of.

This week I think I will learn how to make my own yeast starter!

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