Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My life has been a whirlwind of adventure, hard work, some loss and mostly gain lately.
Chocolate Mousse Cake

Shortly after my last post my grandfather-in-law died. He was an amazing man. The loss of him was felt deeply in our house and in my husband's whole family. That sort of put our lives on pause for a week while we helped with funeral preparations but it felt really good to be part of the process.

The next week I finished up my cakes class (with an A) and headed off to Hawaii. Boy did we both need that. It is maybe the first vacation we have ever taken with absolutely no agenda but to relax and enjoy the ocean. Hawaii is the perfect place to learn to relax. We kayaked, hiked, snorkeled and swam with dolphins. My husband made a fun video recap of our time. 

When I got back it was time to start a new class, plated desserts and tempering chocolate. On top of that I have been staging like crazy in an effort to learn as much as possible and secure an externship site. I think both goals are being accomplished. I have started staging every Saturday at the best bakery in town (in my opinion) and I was accepted for my externship at the restaurant with the best desserts in town (fact). I'm excited. But exhausted. 

I'm in week three of my plated desserts class and loving it (I added my instagram feed to the sidebar so you can see what I am working on). It has been the area I am least comfortable with but I am gaining confidence. Cooking on gas no longer terrifies me. I don't sweat at the idea of making caramel, or sugar garnishes any more. In fact, I am less nervous in general in the kitchen. It has only taken 7 months to get there.

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